Concave Tales
With Mike and Dana

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


ChapterTitleDate SubmittedReads
3394Bosses and Gynaecologists - Interesting Bedfellows2018-04-28813
3395New Strategy - Lock Up The Disabled2018-04-28805
3396Egyptian Progress - Move Over Pyramids2018-04-28831
3397Banks Relax Rules on Password and Pin Security2018-04-28807
3398Scientists Mistakenly Warn of Asteroid Collision2018-04-28777
3399Ethics Committee Says 'Sex Is Bad'2018-04-28835
3400Escort Agency Doubles As Funeral Parlor2018-04-28787
3401We Welcome Our New Dictators2018-04-29737
3402Sewerage to be pumped into sea to reduce drownings2018-04-29749
3403Authorities Demand Finger Amputation Requirement For Owning Mobile Phone2018-04-29731
3404Equal Opportunity Board Prescribes Mock-Auditory Hallucinations For Community2018-04-29803
3405Political "Meetings" or Secret Orgies?2018-04-29782
3406Mass Traffic Civil Disobedience2018-04-29743
3407New Study Shows Drinking Alcohol Bad For Primary School Children2018-04-29751