Concave Tales
With Mike and Dana

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


New Strategy - Lock Up The Disabled - 28th of April, 2018

New Strategy - Lock Up The Disabled

Mike:Good evening and welcome to concave news, your most trusted news source on the interwebs. This is Mike.

Dana: And this is Dana.

Mike:Well Dana, the government's new scheme known as the National Disability Insurance Scheme has raised some eyebrows in some quarters with its new approach of locking the disabled up in state prisons. Is it any wonder our prisons are overcrowded with such a state of affairs?

Dana:Shocking, absolutely shocking Mike.

Mike:Really Dana? The disabled don't contribute anything to our society - in fact in some cultures they left disabled babies out to die on a mountainside.

Dana:We're not in the dark ages Mike. We're supposed to be advancing not regressing to some primitive barbaric cultural level. Even the concept of prison is a bit murky in some senses since how many offenders does it really rehabilitate and improve their likelihood of not reoffending after release. Recidivisim is a big problem.

Mike:Yes, but these people are misfits in society, they don't belong. And some of them are dangerous or just plain weird.

Dana:Last I heard, Mike, being weird wasn't a crime - or simply being a little bit different. This is truly a terrible development in the state of our nation if we're truly locking up people who need assistance, not punishment.

Mike:I don't know Dana - prison is supposedly a pretty nice place, with gyms, three meals a day, a warm bed - it's not the dungeons it was in the dark ages as you call them but rather more like a nice friendly hotel.

Dana:Freedom Mike?

Mike:Well then let's move on to our next story about the vicious bikie triple murderer being released on bail so he can enjoy youtube vidoes unavailable in the remand centre.


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