Concave Tales
With Mike and Dana

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Escort Agency Doubles As Funeral Parlor - 28th of April, 2018

Escort Agency Doubles As Funeral Parlor

Mike:Good evening and welcome to concave news, your most trusted news source on the interwebs. This is Mike.

Dana: And this is Dana.

Mike:Well Dana, it seems a particular chain funeral parlor business has tied the knot with an escort agency. The CEO of "Hell's Gates Funeral Parlor" has decided to get into bed with an escort agency to provide comfort to the bereaved as part of their service.

Dana:Yes - I saw that myself recently. It is certainly one way to lift the spirits of the recently bereaved. According to what the CEO says though it wil be tasteful, classy and provided in the most discreet and sensitive manner.

Mike:Their brochure has a naked woman on the front.

Dana:Okay, well maybe not as discreet or sensitive as they first claimed.

Mike: As long as it is all done in a tasteful and respectful manner - I'm all for it.

Dana:Thought you would be Mike.


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