Concave Tales
With Mike and Dana

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Mass Traffic Civil Disobedience - 29th of April, 2018

Mass Traffic Civil Disobedience

Mike:Good evening and welcome to concave news, your most trusted news source on the interwebs. This is Mike.

Dana: And this is Dana.

Mike:The picture says it all Dana - what has our world come to? Today, just an hour before midday, dozens - if not hundreds - of cars

took to the streets in a mass movement of civil disobedience.

Dana:I'm not surprised Mike, with the way our new unelected officials have been behaving I wouldn't be surprised if this happens more frequently. Thank God, no one was hurt and there was no property damage either.

Mike:These people are not heroes Dana, this is civil disobedience and we need a crack down now! The police have gone soft on crime for far too long - every one of those number plates ought to be tracked down and brought before a magistrate and at the very least fined!

Dana:Always the punitive measures Mike, these people have real grievances against their government. Why else would they take to such drastic action.

Mike:Well, at least one person did the right thing - that single sedan is doing his or her very best to navigate through the chaotic traffic.

Dana:I'm just glad no one was injured. Fines can come later.

Mike:And with that - our next story concerns the fate of a taxi driver's stolen 'outstanding public service' award.


Image taken Thursday 26th April 2018 at approximately 10am on West Gate Freeway